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I’m inspired by architecture that fits well with its setting, offers a richness of experience through its varied spaces and careful use of daylight and materials, and is functional.  I’m also drawn to energy-efficient construction and other green building practices and am accredited as a Certified Green Building Professional.  I bring this sensibility and knowledge to each project and work closely with each client. After the client and I discuss their project goals in detail, I create design options to review with them and the best aspects of each option are combined into a final solution.  The craft of my work is to synthesize many factors (the client’s budget and aesthetic preferences, input from consultants, and code requirements, for example) into a thoughtful design.  Once the design is completed, I coordinate the bidding and permitting processes and then visit the job site periodically during construction. It’s gratifying to collaborate with clients, see their projects develop, and experience the built designs.  The variety of my projects reflects the different contexts, sensibilities, and budgets of my clients, but underlying all of the work is a careful search for appropriate and uplifting design solutions within the constraints and opportunities of each situation.